Sharing my amazing experience using Garmin. :)

Here me sharing some good things I discovered using a Garmin for my triathlon training and how it improved my life in so many ways. 

I am shy or we can call it insecure when it comes to blogging, because a lot of reasons or excuses, the normal feeling we all have at some point when you are a beginner. 

I heard "Every expert was once a beginner". I don’t need to be a Garmin expert to share my good experiences. 

I am currently using 2 Garmin devices just because for my Triathlon bike I have a Power Meter, and the Garmin Edge 1000 can be easily synchroneze with Power Meters, this is not necesary for everyone, in this case I will share about the Garmin Forerunner. 

Here we go.... We need to keep in mind that everyone is different and not everything works for everyone. My purpose is that anyone looking for some improvement can find something (new or a reminder) that can apply. 

Is not about me it’s the experience through my life, hope you enjoy my share and your journey. 

Talking about training, as a coach and athlete I like to train on base feeling more than tracking or based on numbers/data. My philosophy is to keep the focus on tracking progress based on YOUR personal progress, not comparing to others. 

Having this in mind I will mention why having a device like Garmin can help you and make your life simple and relaxed. 


Few highlights of some important benefits of using Garmin.

  • Very, VERY easy to use right from the box on first day.

  • Trust me: Super simple, easy and friendly to manage and synchronized with Strava.

  • Light and very attractive unit for training, going out and business activities.

  • Garmin is my tracking tool, it helps me to stay focused on any of my training goals and being on time for appointments.

  • You can use the same device for swimming (indoor-outdoor) biking, running, yoga, etc. I wear it for everything.

  • I like the BIG bold NUMBERS so I can easily see and track my time or pace for races and training.

  • VERY Accurate Heart Rate Monitor- No Chest Strap.

  • More battery life. More than a week on smart watch, and up to 14 hours on GPS mode.

  • Another thing I like is that, since I can connect the Garmin to my cellphone, I can have my cellphone for bike rides and see who is calling on my Garmin while riding, and decide if it can wait or I need to stop and answer the call.


If you are looking for a local vendor for Garmin products I suggest visiting our good friends at Pedal Bicycles in Kalamazoo and Portage. 

More information online at Garmin Webpage.

 If your budget allows it you can also consider a Garmin product for that special person in your life as a Christmas gift. Maybe give yourself that gift and for sure will enjoy it!

Simple and functional, it is a life style.

Simple and functional, it is a life style.