The importance of visualization.

Working with Goals.

Imagine. Go with the flow. Focus on Details. Keep it simple. 


One of the basic techniques that have been working for me with important life events is using visualization.

For "big" races, I try to do a visualization (2 weeks before the event) making a whole movie in my mind, including the preparation during race week and the early morning race day until crossing the finish line and after. 

The Power of visualizing your goals, any Goal.

If you want to increase the likelihood of reaching your goals and dreams, visualization is where it all begins. Is very important to have the habit of visualizing your goals. 

    •    When you visualize your brain, learn to recognize what resources it will need to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

    •    Visualization creates an inner motivation to work hard for your goals and dreams

    •    Visualization promotes positive thinking, it helps you to stay on track to be successful in the long run.

Finally, by experience, I did understand that the more I practice this, the best mentally prepared I am before race week, the possibilities of having fun race week rise. 

Is a very good habit to do the visualization first thing in the morning, I also do it during training, or before going to bed. 

We can apply this technique to anything in your life, for big dreams, goals, interviews, speeches, personal life, etc. 

Is very important to do the full movie in your mind several times. Dreaming is legal.

I visualized details like: 

- The race briefing, the expo, the athletes.

  • Me Setting alarm.

  • Waking up early in morning.

  • How my breakfast will taste. Yummy.

  • How II’ll go to the race venue. Listening to music.

  • How I will bring my bike in the car.

  • The weather (Cold/Hot/Windy/Raining).

  • The transition set up.

  • The music, the sounds, the smell, the whole feeling.

  • A lot of Smiles and nervous people.

Triathlon "movie" simulation

-The Count down: 10, 9,8,7…. (Feeling cold, focus, positive) 3,2,1….Beeeep!

-Swimming…I visualized, lot of people, the water… waves?  clear dark water? the smell?…I  feel like a dolphin, light, fast, leading. I am using positivity with different mantras. 

-T1. I am fast, light, strong… focus and happy. 

-Bike ride…2 hour fun bike ride, feeling strong, Nutrition, contenders… happy…. 

-T2…. I feel strong focused, I am leading… focus and using my mantras. 

-Run, a nice 1.5 hr. relaxed and solid run…. Hydrating and focus, having good positives thoughts… I feel strong and fresh… leading like a boss to the finish line.  Dreaming is legal. 

The intention of  visualization is to prepare your mind and body for the reality ahead of time, when the day comes your mind / body will definitely feel familiar and perform better. 

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