Back to basics.

August 2017.

Fake it until you make it.

Working on my weakness. Working on my strengths.

Just starting getting comfortable out of my comfort zone.

Personal Roots. Some Thoughts. 


2017 after a few years of a lot of challenging moments in my personal life and as I always said everything is connected, my life in general full of weak areas.

These pasts months I finally started going back to my roots, again I was being myself, trusting in me with a better, clean and strong faith in the universe we can call it #God. 

I am saying this because as most people I have had storms in my life and obstacles that made me doubt about my purpose in life, my hard work, my career, my dreams and my responsibilities as a mom.

Knowing by life experience that every decision I make and every action I take will echo in my priorities, sometimes just the idea of thinking about consequences or failure makes us insecure about going beyond the limits- out of our comfort zone.

Fear of failure and insecurities.  Fear of criticism…The world’s negativity lots of times have had the power to paralyze me from using my passion, my skills, my talents, the noise of the world can distract us from doing what is the best for us. If we allowed it fear can control us. 

At the age of 36, I finally experience that to feel happy and complete with myself I have to be aligned my actions and goals with what I love,  in order to do that I need to be courageous, confident and have a consistent faith in myself, faith in God.

Connected with My STORY.  

This is the cornerstone of living the dream and striving to become all we are capable of being and is the only thing you ever truly need to answer for, regrets only come from abandoning our true selves. 

I learned by actions to take the time to slow down my mind in all ways and to focus on the important things. Prioritize my life responsibilities. 

Is all about trying little by little to be a better version for the world. Just comparing myself with my old self.  To become a small asset for the planet. 

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